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Oakland maps But those officers who joined the force at an older age were less likely to fire their guns in an incident. The more disciplinary (CPI) points a police officer had racked up, the more likely he or she was to be involved in a shooting on the job, Greg Ridgeway found. Greg Ridgeway, “Officer Risk Factors Associated with Police Shootings: A Matched Case–Control Study.” Ridgeway suggests a police department could use Skip Trace his team’s findings to cut down on unnecessary shootings. For example, it could try to recruit slightly older officers. It also could pay sharp attention to cops with discipline problems. Perhaps they should be moved to a desk job. It’s not clear yet whether the findings about New York City will hold up nationwide. “One of the big challenges here is data,” Ridgeway says. In other cities, “the non-shooters are either not documented well or not documented at all.” In short, the data have their limits. Sometimes, as Ridgeway notes, the numbers are incomplete or not available. Sometimes more digging is needed to understand what’s happening, as Amin has found.

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