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The business reason for this fanciful-sounding project is pretty straightforward: It will speed up Facebook’s efforts to expand globally and serve ads to even more people in what is already the world’s largest audience. But the team has always had the idea that the same technology could be vitally important in, say, an earthquake zone. The upshot of all this is that Facebook—that place where you watch clips from American Ninja Warrior—is fast becoming one of the world’s most important emergency response institutions. This development has taken even the company itself somewhat by surprise. The story of how it happened is partly one of sheer scale—about 23 percent of the global population is on Facebook, and people naturally turn to the platform en masse when disaster strikes—and partly one of rapid, ad hoc, seat-of-the-pants adaptation. “In some cases,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told me on a recent afternoon, sitting in the glass bubble of his conference room, “we don’t realize how useful things are going to be.” When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November 2013, Sharon Zeng was in Northern California, working for the Facebook payments team—the unit that fashions tools for shuttling money across the social network. In response, Zeng’s team built a service that collected Red Cross donations for typhoon relief. A while later, almost as an aside, her boss asked if there was anything else the company could have done. Zeng didn’t have an answer, but the question stayed with her. The company was gearing up for its next hackathon—a quarterly tradition whereby employees load up on Chinese takeout and then stay up until all hours, working in small teams to build prototypes of software ideas that aren’t directly relevant to anyone’s day job.

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